Tim Dillard

Tim Dillard,  RHP

     Hi I'm Tim!  Some people call me "Dim" because in 2013 I needed a twitter handle, and there were already like 25 other "Tim Dillard's" on twitter.  So logically, after realizing how unspecial I was... I went with @DimTillard.  I've been an on again/off again pitcher in the Milwaukee Brewers Organization since 2003.  And in 2011, I struck out Ben Zobrist in the actual Big Leagues.


     My dad Steve Dillard played and managed in professional baseball my entire life, and as a result, I basically grew up in a clubhouse.  After hike school I attended Itawamba Community College in Fulton, Mississippi.  I married my AMAZING wife Erin in 2006, and now have three kiddos.

     Hobbies include, but not limited too... social media participant, retired guitar strummer, self-proclaimed amateur juggler, willing diaper changer, batting practice power-shagger, and recent podcaster.

     That's about it.  Oh yeah, I also have a website... for some reason.

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