Ben Zobrist

 Ben Zobrist, INF


     My name is Zen Bobrist and I’m a super famous baseball player for the Chicago Cubs.  I got beat on a 98mph Cutter and emergency hacked a ball down the 3rd base line to help the Cubs win their first World Series in 108 years.

     I have over 11 full years in MLB, with 3 All-Star appearances and 2 World Series rings, but none of it will mean anything until I get one more AB off Dim Tillard. (He struck me out in my only AB off him in 2012).

     I enjoy tinkering with my swing and trying to unlock the key that could take my game to the next level (or rescue it from impending retirement).  But What I really love is digging into the mental side of the game and asking tough questions that help speed up the curve of development for players at all ages.

     Along with SHOW and GO, I am involved in a nonprofit called Patriot Forward that helps minor league baseball players and their families.


     I have an old baseball soul and appreciate vintage uniforms and cleats, evidenced by my black shoes controversy (circa 2018).  I love PF Flyers and eyeblack.  My favorite baseball movies are The Natural and not surprisingly The Sandlot.